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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Liam Browne author of ‘Dealer Healer- A Modern Tale of a Fucked up Male’ finds gritty, honest and true stories of real people and how they have turned their lives around in a positive and inspiring way.

Today's guest is Lewis Powell - The Frog Medicine Man' who is a healer, Kambo practitioner, Ayahuasquero and Teacher. Before his transformation (in his teens and mid-twenties) Lewis was a drug dealer, drug user, and criminal thief. His development has been remarkable and in the conversation, we delve into what were the key triggers to this change.

Lewis has been practicing with amazonian based medicines for 5 years, has done 3 master plant diets and holds healing retreats every 3 months. He also hosts "Golden era retreats" working with amazonian medicine, sound healing, and shamanic healing? Lewis is well known for facilitating Kambo ceremonies, Kambo circles, and Kambo private treatments. With his wealth of knowledge, he is now passing on his knowledge with his Practitioner training courses. Which you can find out more about here -

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Lewis Podcast

You can get my book DEALER TO HEALER here- DEALER TO HEALER

DMT was the catalyst for Lewis's journey into healing and medicine. He had a psycho-spiritual crisis in April 2016 after a plant dieta in Peru working with Brujos from Shipibo traditions. During his recovery process from this, he developed my special abilities and knowledge of the spiritual realms and true nature of reality.

Kambo and ayahuasca have been the major players in his initiation into becoming a full-time healer. He is also a keen musician and techno music producer.

Lewis is in the process of setting up a new association of practitioners called the Kambo Practitioner Alliance after working with the IAKP for almost 5 years he worked to his master practitioner level and also became a teacher with this association.


Kambo association-

Facebook- Lewis Powell

The DEALER TO HEALER podcast focuses on those who have found solace from a destructive past to step into a more spiritual and love-driven life. Letting go of their old ways we see how each individual has overcome their adversity and demons to step into the light. Yoga Teachers, Healers, Breath Workers, Vegans, Holistic Therapists, Acupuncturists, Psychic’s and Musicians all share their unique stories. Sharing the events and synchronicities that led to the positive changes in their lives. Discover how you can find more joy in your own life and step into your own unique power and see how you can make positive changes to your life and relationships. Become empowered to step into your true self and do all the things you have always dreamed of.

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Lewis Podcast

“Yoga is not about your ability to do a posture but how it positively changes your life and relationships”

T.K.V. Desikachar

You can get my DEALER TO HEALER book here- DEALER TO HEALER

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