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A Cacao training like no other!

Come and join us for a deep dive into the magical world of Lady Cacao and holding Cacao Ceremonies.


This profound and practical Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training Course is led by the Master of Ceremony himself Liam Browne & Paulina ‘Amora’ Griffin, a Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer and Trained Cacao Ceremony Facilitator. It will be an adventure of pure bliss and healing.


Deepening your understanding of Cacao the mystery, the magic and the sacred elements. Prepare to be positively stretched and step beyond any self limiting beliefs and identities. This Training will open your heart more deeply, remove unhelpful obstacles and show you the stuff you need to release, giving you all the tools you need to hold space for others to do the same. Upgrade your own life while learning to deliver your own authentic Cacao Ceremony so you can empower others to upgrade their lives to!! That’s what we are all about, constant expansion!

Who is it for?

Yoga teachers, healers, coaches, group leaders, breath workers, therapists, psychologists, councilors, art therapists, holistic therapists, retreat holders, reiki practitioners, space holders and cacao lovers. 

The business of Cacao

This training has been uniquely developed with your empowerment and success in mind. A qualified facilitator can recoup the full financial investment from running only two successful Cacao events. We want everyone we work with to know there is no limit to the abundance they can create and at the same time the amazing gratification that comes with changing people lives. 


Reasons to attend the training


  • Learn How To Create A Sacred Ceremonial Space To Honor The Sacred Plant Medicine Cacao

  • Understand All The Aspects Which Lead To Delivering the Perfect Cacao Ceremony

  • Revel & Enhance Your Own Unique Gifts and how to use them in Ceremony

  • Learn How To Incorporate The Magic Of Cacao Into Your Current work

  • Join A Conscious Network Of Like Minded People Looking To Inspire Others Through Ceremony and The Magic Of Cacao

  • Introduction To Basic Breathwork To Create Receptive States

  • An Opportunity For, Personal Skills Development, Change & Transformation

  • Gain FULL POWER CACAO Ceremony Facilitator Training ‘Master of Ceremonies Level 1’ Certification

  • Gain A Practical Approach To Your Cacao Business Development

  • Training From Two Vastly Experienced Facilitators

  • Learning Eastern Meditation Techniques

  • You will be taking the next step on your personal & professional healing journey

  • Deepening your understanding of Cacao and your connection to the heart.

  • Learn about the origins of Cacao and the FULL POWER CACAO journey

  • Become confident, present and magnetic

  • Learn daily practises which support your personal growth

  • Be nurtured in beautifully supportive surroundings

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Develop beyond the training with our unique 30 Day Tapas

  • Ongoing support, inspiration & ideas from the FULL POWER CACAO graduate community.

  • Experience The Joy Of Kirtan & Mantra

  • Resonant Shamanic Drumming

  • Daily Yoga Practice

  • Experience how sound healing can be used to take clients to deeper states of healing, empowerment and emotional release.

  • The use of energy healing and how to bring in the energy of Lady Cacao and the Higher Realms.

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Liam Browne

‘THE DIVINE MASCULINE ELEMENT’ You will be guided by no other than FULL POWER CACAO founder and Master of Ceremony himself Liam Browne. He is on a mission to bring and share the magic of Cacao with the entire planet and open hearts everywhere he goes, creating a web of others who open hearts in this sacred way, empowering people to their own personal greatness. Through dedicated and devoted practices, Liam is a highly trained Spiritual Coach, author, podcaster, and co-founder of STONE COLD SOBER events who put on transformational retreats and festivals.

Liam does not do your ordinary Cacao Ceremony but creates his own magical experience based on his deep spiritual understanding, life experiences, skills and gifts. What lights Liam up more than anything else is seeing others do the same, bringing their own uniqueness to all that they do and owning that shit!!!

Liam is determined to bring positive growth to your life and ensure that this training will catapult you towards your higher self and your soul purposes.

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Paulina "Amora" Griffin

‘THE DIVINE FEMININE ELEMENT’ It is the greatest pleasure to announce that we will be supported by Paulina ‘Amora’ Griffin throughout this transformational experience. As well as having vast ceremonial experience which we can all benefit from, Paulina is a naturally gifted, high vibrational, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer. She channels through her higher self Amora to bring about deep, loving and profound healing.  She is overlighted by the Seraphim Angels and her celestial team who bring in a serene blissful energy.  She uses her healing in multiple ways through cacao ceremonies, sound baths, shamanic journeys and workshops.

Liam and Paulina are determined to bring positive growth to your life and ensure that this Training will catapult you towards your own personal greatness. You will leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and with a new thirst for life knowing you have just experienced something super, super powerful and you can now share with your community and network. You are the person you have been waiting for! Now go forth with Cacao in your heart and shine your magnificence all over the world.

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