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Liam Browne author of ‘Dealer Healer- A Modern Tale of a Fucked up Male’ finds gritty, honest and true stories of real people and how they have turned their lives around in a positive inspiring way.

Today's guest Greg Garrett is one of the four founders of One Breath Global, an international movement created to change people's lives… one breath at a time. 

Greg's Purpose is to help himself, individuals and businesses fulfill their potential. After over 25 years as an established coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Greg has shifted his focus and direction in life to sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to make positive changes. Because Greg sees the agitated mind as the number 1 challenge facing humanity, he is currently writing a book based on his own mental journey to share insights about what really works with anyone prepared to listen.

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Greg Podcast

You can get my book DEALER TO HEALER here- DEALER TO HEALER

Just like conquering Mount Everest, Greg recognises the climb ahead on everybody's life path is at times very steep and full of challenges. Regardless of the path of personal growth chosen, rather than just scratching the surface, Greg advocates understanding real success, measuring progress, staying focused, digging deeper and making super efforts to keep ascending.

Greg’s ongoing contributions to One Breath Global continue to bring new and refreshing ideas that change problems and transform lives. His daily videos, podcasts, and blog posts are planting seeds and inspiring transformations around the world. As an advocate for personal development, Greg encourages each of you to master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

With a wealth of knowledge from countless courses, practices, and teachers over the last 25 years, from all around the world, Greg has studied under some of the world's leading coaches and spiritual guides. 

Dedicated to his own personal practises daily, including Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga and Tantra, Greg’s philosophy is to “Come as you are, don’t stay as you are. We are in the dark ages, few people understand the concerted effort required to truly transform their professional, personal, spiritual lives and the World.”


The DEALER TO HEALER podcast focuses on those who have found solace from a destructive past to step into a more spiritual and love-driven life. Letting go of their old ways we see how each individual has overcome their adversity and demons to step into the light. Yoga Teachers, Healers, Breath Workers, Vegans, Holistic Therapists, Acupuncturists, Psychic’s and Musicians all share their unique stories. Sharing the events and synchronicities that led to the positive changes in their lives. Discover how you can find more joy in your own life and step into your own unique power and see how you can make positive changes to your life and relationships. Become empowered to step into your true self and do all the things you have always dreamed of.

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Greg Podcast

“Yoga is not about your ability to do a posture but how it positively changes your life and relationships”

T.K.V. Desikachar

You can get my DEALER TO HEALER book here- DEALER TO HEALER

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