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  • Ended
  • Starting at £380
  • Lake Windemere

Service Description

During this EPIC and transformational retreat we will focus on releasing heavy stuck energy and get you stepping into your true power!! Our intention will be on activating your heart, opening up to the beauty that is within you and taking a moment to realise who you truly are and what you really want. We will be shifting repetitive patterns of behaviour through Yoga, Meditation, Plant Medicine, Cold Water Therapy and Dance, ready for the true you to emerge and go forth like the true warrior you are. In the idyllic setting of Lake Windermere you will have the chance to take a break form your busy life and really focus on what is important for your own personal growth. Did you know that you think 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts in one day!! 90% of those are the same as the day before. Dr Joe Dispenza The same thoughts always lead to the same choices and the same choices to the same behaviours. These create the same experience which create the same emotions. And so the merry go around continues, different cast members but same result. Unless however we choose new thoughts and experiences and start to make different choices. Then our actual biology, neurochemistry, neurohormones and even our genetic expression starts to change. We become a different person and we can become whoever we want to become. Go to glow and sparkle to the world. It is within your power to choose new thoughts and experiences and start to make different choices. You will see that you can actually change your biology, neurochemistry, neurohormones and even your genetic expression will start to change. You can become a different person, releasing old shackles, blossoming into the true you. This retreat is suitable for all levels and capabilities. Just bring yourself and all that you are with an open mind & heart. We will connect and support each other and you will feel held by the group so that we can open up fully. We want to push you to grow and expand in and safe and loving environment. We guarantee that it will be a weekend full of LOVE, LIGHT, growth and laughter, not forgetting HUGS galore. We all need to be held from time to time and Stone Cold Sober want to be that loving hug of empowerment. All taking place surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Lake District. We want to help you find your super power and become who you were meant to be!!!

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Manchester, UK

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