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Liam Browne author of ‘Dealer Healer- A Modern Tale of a Fucked up Male’ finds gritty, honest and true stories of real people and how they have turned their lives around in a positive and inspiring way.


Today's guest is Veronika Kotetishvili the 'Life Coach' who lets us into her world and how she stumbled upon the profession. This lady is truly committed to helping people lead better lives and it was great to get to sit down and chat with here while I was in Barcelona. 

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Veronika Podcast

You can get my book DEALER TO HEALER here- DEALER TO HEALER

Veronika Kotetishvili is a newly inducted being into the world of Life Coaching. After having tried a myriad of jobs, moving around and being ever so lost in life (classic story really), she finally figured out what she wanted to do at 25, and that was to help people. In a roundabout way the universe threw her into coaching and a year later, here she is, 26 with a Masters Degree in Business & Life Coaching, plus a spiritual awakening on her hands. 

Her end goal is to help as many people as possible, change their life, help them find a constant state of happiness and change their perception of how the universe works! She currently has a blog ¨I Got Coached¨ and instagram @veronikakotesh where she shares tips on coaching yourself and how to master this wonderful universe.

The DEALER TO HEALER podcast focuses on those who have found solace from a destructive past to step into a more spiritual and love-driven life. Letting go of their old ways we see how each individual has overcome their adversity and demons to step into the light. Yoga Teachers, Healers, Breath Workers, Vegans, Holistic Therapists, Acupuncturists, Psychic’s and Musicians all share their unique stories. Sharing the events and synchronicities that led to the positive changes in their lives. Discover how you can find more joy in your own life and step into your own unique power and see how you can make positive changes to your life and relationships. Become empowered to step into your true self and do all the things you have always dreamed of.

You can listen to the show where ever you listen to your podcasts or here- Veronika Podcast

“Yoga is not about your ability to do a posture but how it positively changes your life and relationships”

                                                                                        T.K.V. Desikachar

You can get my DEALER TO HEALER book here- DEALER TO HEALER

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