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Sat, 19 Mar


The Roar Movement


An amazing Cacao Ceremony at The Roar Movement in Nottingham!

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Time & Location

19 Mar 2022, 13:00 – 18:00

The Roar Movement, 1A Mabel Grove, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5GT, UK

About the Event


We are super excited to be bringing the FULL POWE CACAO TOUR to The Roar Movement in Nottingham!

For more info and to book tickets click on this link - ROAR MOVEMENT

Thats right people I have decided to take FULL POWER CACAO and my famous Cacao Ceremonies on tour. We are super excited to be bring this healing medicine and all the empowerment of sacred Ceremony to a Town or City near you. We will be posting all the dates and venues on this events page and our other pages so just keep you eye out for a Ceremony near you!! We will also be looking for cafes, health food stores and yoga studios who would be interested in stocking FULL POWER CACAO. We will also be giving out free samples of our magical medicine wherever we go. Matt Hillier will be supporting me throughout and we are so excited to meet people and share all our knowledge and passion for Cacao. We are pretty sure we will positively change many peoples lives along the way with the spirit of Lady Cacao by our side. We can’t wait for you to see all the blessings and healings that embody this magical medicine.

We will see you somewhere in the UK in March!!!

Below is all the information about the tour, and bios for myself, FULL POWER CACAO and Matt Hillier.

After hosting Cacao Ceremonies for the past 10 years, creating his own Cacao Teacher Training Course and finally in December 2021 launching his own Cacao Brand FULL POWER CACAO you could say Liam Browne has been instrumental in raising the profile of Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the UK and the magical benefits it possesses. You could also say Liam is hitting all the right spots in the heart centred world of Cacao by infusing all his love, passion and talents into his teaching and sending his team of Cacao Training Graduates out into the world to do the same. He now wants to bring Cacao to the masses! 

That’s why this UK Tour is so important to him, to not only allow people to experience the master of Ceremony himself at work with his beautiful medicine Cacao but also to raise the profile of his FULL POWER CACAO movement so each person can start feeling amazing as the goodness as every cup of Cacao adds massive value to their lives. We are on the cusp of a revolution into a more heart centred world and whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and returns us all to harmony. The time is now, so we invite you to share its magic, experience and take your own journey to the next level by joining us for Ceremony and Cacao at one of the venues close to you in March 2022. We assure you it is not an experience to be missed!!! 

Liam’s mission is to empower people to their own personal greatness. He has so many tools in his box (Drumming, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Counselling, Yogic Philosophy, Sound Healing, Kirtan and Mantra and Magical Healing Abilities) to make sure divine magic happens every time he holds space. Liam will be supported throughout the tour by his wonderful friend and colleague Matt Hillier (aka the Humble Bear) who has been holding his own Cacao Ceremonies for the past year after being inspired at one of Liam’s Stone Cole Sober Retreats. This is a collaboration with the strength of a pack of Lions and the trail of heart opening inspiration and empowerment they will leave behind will be felt for many, many years. So come join us, you are the person you have been waiting for and we can’t wait to see the true you step forward in 2022. Aho!!!!

Much Love and Blessings


Matiox, Matiox, Matiox

For more info about Cacao Ceremonies click here and here

To buy FULL POWER CACAO click here and to have a nosey around the website for a wealth of Cacao knowledge click here and explore the site!!

To book onto one of Liam’s famous Stone Cold Sober retreats click here

For info and tickets for the first ever STONE COLD SOBER FESTIVAL click here


Liam Browne magically empowers people towards their own personal greatness. He transforms people's lives, through his natural uplifting healing abilities, life experiences, and wisdom. He does this in a variety of ways focusing on propelling people towards self realisation and enlightenment via the yogic path and Christ Conscious Energy, so they can live a life of harmony and bliss. He is a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Founder of Stone Cold Sober Retreats and Events, Self-Published author, Cold Water Therapist, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker and Sound Healing Facilitator through singing mantra, and performing Kirtan.

Liam has also been holding his epic Cacao Ceremonies since 2012 after working with the Chocolate Shaman in Guatemala. This has now expanded to a Cacao Teacher Training School and his own personal brand FULL POWER CACAO. Out of everything Liam does he feels that his work with Cacao is his most powerful modality of connecting people to their hearts, filling them with love, allowing them to heal and realise they are divine beings with limitless possibilities. With his growing number of graduates and his cacao brand this healing love vibration of Lady Cacao is spreading far and wide.

His events company STONE COLD SOBER has the mantra “Do no harm, take no shit”. They host life transforming Retreats, Yoga Raves, Ecstatic Dance and love to mix the esoteric and holistic with electronic music and dance. They are on the pulse of what is needed in the world right now.

You could say Liam is a polymath but we won’t because big words ain't sexy and one of Liam’s best qualities as a teacher is that he is relatable and down to earth. He uses endearing language, poetry, spoken word, comedy and descriptive prose to make ancient teachings and ideas open your being to new ways of experiencing.

Liam focuses on empowering people to step into their own truth, to show the world the person they have always really been. He makes you accountable and gives you the confidence to take ownership of your uniqueness, letting nothing hold you back from all that is yours by divine right. He knows you are the person you have been waiting for and he will empower you to reveal this to yourself.

One thing you will do around Liam is laugh (A Lot)! His quirky nature will have you in stitches and his smile and laughter is infectious.

The energy Liam creates at his events and retreats is electrifying. He provides a safe space for you to feel the confidence too 'let go and glow’,leaving people on another planet, feeling fully alive, inspired, and filled with love.


FULL POWER CACAO - Ethically sourced in Venezuela, energetically blessed in Manchester with the highest vibrational energy. Cacao is a plant medicine and classed as a super food for its high nutritional content. It can be used for ceremonial purposes or as an empowering and heart opening FULL POWER hot drink.

FULL POWER CACAO was birthed in 2012 after Liam Browne’s trip to Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual quest he met the Chocolate Shaman who he worked closely with and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Lady Cacao.

Since then Liam has been developing his own unique healing Cacao Ceremonies and developing his connection to the medicine and all she offers. He has been on a mission to educate people on the life changing and affirming benefits of this sacred plant medicine.

For the last two years Liam has been testing and researching cacao from all over the world with his team of healers, to finally bring you his FULL POWER CACAO brand. He has personally sourced this authentic, powerful, magical, heart opening plant medicine from Venezuela, to bring love and harmony to your heart and enrich your daily life. Fortunately the FULL POWER CACAO tastes amazing too!

Liam has been chosen by the spirit of Cacao to put goodness back into the bellies of humanity allowing them to rediscover the magical and sacred qualities of this ancient plant medicine. He is committed to sharing this heart opening medicine with you and the world. FULL POWER CACAO wants to take you on a journey to live fully in your heart space and make decisions based on that inner wisdom. This is not only best for our own happiness and success but improves the quality of life for the whole planet.

“Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and returns us all to harmony”


Matt is a certified life and spiritual coach and empowerment mentor as well as an angelic reiki practitioner and cacao ceremony facilitator. He uses his experience with mental health, meditation and mindfulness to help you regain a sense of balance in your life. Most of us have filled our lives with an incredible amount of noise and commotion, leaving our bodies and minds in a state of constant survival mode with fight or flight chemicals and hormones flowing through us. Using a variety of tools and techniques Matt looks to reset this to the natural resting mode innate to our being, create space in our thought life in order to bear witness to our subconscious patterns and beliefs and to restructure these in a positive and constructive manner.

Matt’s spiritual journey really started in August 2018 when he hit rock bottom, narrowly survived a suicide attempt. This was the culmination of years of deteriorating mental health and a battle with drug and alcohol addiction. After voluntarily attending a rehabilitation centre for 2 months and rigorously applying the 12 step program to his physical, mental and spiritual life. He surrendered himself and opened his life to the divine for guidance and salvation.

Oh boy did they answer! Matt has been on a super charged journey of self discovery and transformation. In 2020 he slowed his life right down and practiced daily presence for a whole year, at the end of which his coaching business, Spiritual Fitness, chose to be birthed into the world through him, he was guided to attend one of Liam’s infamous Stone Cold Sober retreats and commenced his work with Cacao to help bring this beautiful medicine to the hearts of the community and the world. Through this Matt has also formed a strong connection with the angelic and galactic realms, channeling messages, energies, Reiki and healings from the ArchAngels, dragons, Blue Avians and Lyrans to name just a few.

Matt now works with Cacao on a daily basis (along with Yoga, Breathwork, Mediation and Cold Water Therapy) to bring love and guidance to his life and the lives of those he touches. Connects with his guides and beings of many dimensions for direction and spreads the teachings and wisdom that is bestowed on him to the many souls that are drawn by his light. He is also the first FULL POWER CACAO ambassador, putting his name, reputation and entire being behind this beautiful spirit of healing power.

Matt has a beautiful grounded, calm and centred energy which enables feelings of safety to open your more vulnerable facets to be healed.

His mission is to reintroduce peoples ‘Human’ to their ‘Being’ and to help them become everything they were always meant to be!

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