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Fri, 06 Aug


St Clements Church


Fusing the magic of Cacao & the release of Ecstatic dance in this 4 hour extravaganza event.

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Time & Location

06 Aug 2021, 18:30 – 22:30

St Clements Church, Edge Lane, Chrolton, Manchester, M21 9AE

About the Event

We are excited to invite you to this new and exciting event.

We are fusing together the magic & spiritual heart opening plant medicine Cacao Ceremony with the release & freedom of an Ecstatic Dance. 

You will be guided on a beautiful, spiritual awakening 3 hour journey using the plant medicine Cacao, followed by a magical hour Ecstatic Dance with a LIVE DJ.  

The Cacao Ceremony

During the Cacao Cermony Liam will create a safe container to honour the great plant medicine Cacao and will call upon his spirits and guides setting the space beautifully. Shamanic drumming will be used to shift your energy to that of a sacred space in the amazon. A deep guided meditation connects you to the earth and opens you up to the universe, taking you face to face with the areas of your life that you need to cleanse, process, sit with and overcome - to make space for the essence, truth and magic of who you really are to shine forth.

After sitting in meditation, with the incredible Cacao - you will feel your heart opening to expansion, release and realisation. You will then be invited to shift and break through this energy using the art of DANCE.

The Ecstatic Dance 

Let the music take you on its own special journey and let you body move in a way that it needs to feel joy, balance and release. 

You are invited to move, play, connect, sweat, renew, release and transform through the beauty of Ecstatic dancing. This is a safe and respectful environment that embraces 'all ways'. It is a practice that supports the free expression of emotions and inner space through movement and music.

This is a sacred space to truly let go and be completely with yourself. 

Without drugs or alcohol you are free to express yourself on the dance floor.  Connect with yourself and with others in a fresh new way. Breathe deeply and ground your attention inwards.

This event will catapulate you into a new way of feeling, a new perspective, space for you to just be FREE, so come along and release all your inhibitions and know you can create what you need to create without the need for drink or drugs!!




-Fast (dont eat) for a least 4 hours before the Ceremony. The longer you can fast the better the Cacao works

-Arrive at least 15 minuets before the Ceremony starts so you can be settled into the space and comfort

-Bring a journal and a pen to write down any insights from your journey.

- Bring a cosy blanket, pillow and anything to make you super comfy.

- Bring any crystals or tools you like to connect with whilst journeying so they can be added to the alter.

- Dress in comfortable loose clothing.

- Water bottle

Get ready to let go and let the true you shine forth.

Ceremonial cacao invites you on a journey, to travel with the chocolate spirit through the veil, but only if you choose. It does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates your own. Ceremonial cacao is therefore an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher and facilitator. It is the forgotten plant medicine – an ancient teacher and facilitator that assists you with the journey into your heart. Cacao was known to the Ancient Mayans as a powerful heart opener and potent healer. Perfect for deepening your yoga and meditation practice!  Cacao gives us an opportunity to move towards the fullest expression of who we truly are…and this can be catalytic in removing barriers in all areas of your life; relationships, career, personal growth, creativity, or wherever your focus is. Ultimately, cacao can help deepen your connection to your heart, and expand your capacity to love and be loved.  When drinking cacao, 40 minutes later you will experience around 40-60% more blood flow to the brain.

Cacao helps your body process nitric oxide which enhances blood circulation and improves the cardiovascular system. Increased blood flow brings increased oxygen, nutrients and prana (life energy) to our mental space.

Cacao also has ‘flavonoids’ which Harvard studies have proven to enhance thought and memory.  My personal experience with cacao is that my mind is quieter with cacao. The increased blood flow does not increase my typical mental patterns, rather the increased prana calms the mental chatter of the mind (the vrittis in Sanskrit) and opens portals to connect with our true intellect. From this place we can feel ourselves from our space of inner knowing. The cacao moves our mind energy from the cerebral cortex (the brain) and into the mind of the heart. The mind of the heart, which actually fires neurons nano-seconds before neurons are fired from the cerebral brain, is our emotion-based decisions come from. Rather than thinking of a solution, we feel a solution that we know is right for our inner knowing. Whereas we are conditioned to make decision with our brain-mind, the cacao facilitates this awareness of our heart-mind and allows us to connect with this space of love and emotion on a more consistent basis.  Going beyond personal emotions to understand the love in all emotional fluctuations, becoming love itself, we begin to sense the greater possibilities for heightened awareness that creates a feeling of transcending the more mundane aspects of existence.  A journey to reflect and bask in self-love you have nourished and created, honouring your own personal sun. Looking to illuminate the parts of you which are longing for more light and more love.

A Cacao Ceremony gives us time for ourselves in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off the outside chaos and journey into the silence, so that we can become clearer of who we are, where we are going, and the opportunities available to us.  Whether you're looking for help shifting an emotional blockage, needing to let go of a past experience, dissolve negative energy or you simply want to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the focus you need to re-align with who you really are, and get back on track.  Through this practice we will come into harmonious union aligning ourselves to our true nature. You will leave the practice feeling spiritually inspired, emotionally empowered and expansive….ready to live life the life that wants to live you!  When using Cacao as a facilitator we allow nature’s wisdom to guide us in shifting our perceptions and dreaming our world into being! Now is the time to reveal yourself to yourself.  As the Hopi Elders stated: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”

Our Cacao is ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao and prepared especially for ceremony. The Ashaninka People are experimenting with local Cacao varieties found wild in the forest known as the abuelos (grandfathers). No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used by the growers and they all follow organic farming practices. Peru is world renowned for it’s quality flavour Cacao and this Cacao is no exception. Several years ago the community of Cutivireni established a Cacao Producers Association. They presently sell collectively to Ecotribal and to a cooperative located down river. The producers’ association separates a percentage of its income to pay for community health and emergency needs. Ecotribal have a unique approach to rainforest protection and have seen forty-four indigenous communities galvanised into shielding 2.5 million acres of pristine rainforest safeguarding ancient Cacao and other crops they rely on. You could call this viral conservation, with village after village lining up to to protect their forest. I am very proud that you and I are supporting such a positive project.

Our Cacao is safe to drink however please make us aware if any of the following apply to you:

• If you are taking anti-depressants or any other medication

• If you have a heart condition as cacao increases the blood flow to the brain and heart by at least 40%

• If you are pregnant as we will give you a smaller dose

How to prepare:

Before the ceremony we recommend that you do not eat or drink coffee for at least four hours. This is so that the cacao can be quickly and easily absorbed enabling you to go deeper into your journey.  Please drink plenty of water both before and after the ceremony to stay hydrated.  A good way to ground the energy if you are feeling floaty or spacey after the ceremony is to have a good warm meal.

What to bring:

- Your journal and a pen to write down any insights from your journey.

- A cosy blanket, some pillows and anything to make you super comfy.

- Any crystals or tools you like to connect with whilst journeying.

- Dress in comfortable loose clothing.

- Water bottle

Cant wait to see you!!

Terms & Conditions



Liam Browne shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or any other damages.


Liam Browne does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or condition either physical or mental. Event offerings should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Our events are provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes. Any information, instruction or advice given is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication and/or treatment presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.

Liam Browne does not accept any liability for participants' medical or psychiatric conditions which may exist or which may arise during or subsequent to participation in one of our events.

Always consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle or prescription drugs.



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