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The Full Power Revolution
Support - Inspire - Empower

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Liam’s mission is to propel people towards Self-realisation and Enlightenment via his alchemy of the Yogic path and the sacred plant medicine Cacao.

He is a Yoga Teacher and Healer working with the Christ Consciousness Energy to change the vibration of the planet to one of unity consciousness and bliss. He supports, inspires and empowers people to positively transform their lives. He does this via his books, retreats, festivals and podcasts, but his greatest gift of all is his connection to Cacao and the impact his Cacao Ceremonies have on the people who attend. He has been holding his epic Cacao Ceremonies since 2012 after meeting the Chocolate Shaman (Keith) in Guatemala. Each year Liam’s Ceremonies get more powerful, more expansive and impact more people. 

After hosting Cacao Ceremonies for the past 11 years, creating his own Cacao Facilitator Training Course and finally in December 2021 launching his own Cacao Brand FULL POWER CACAO you could say Liam Browne has been instrumental in raising the profile of Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the UK and the magical benefits it possesses. Out of everything Liam does he feels that his work with Cacao is his most powerful modality of connecting people to their hearts, filling them with love, allowing them to heal and realize they are divine beings with limitless possibilities and potential. Liam has been hitting all the right spots in the heart centered world of Cacao by infusing all his love, passion and talents into his teaching and sending his team of Cacao Training Graduates out into the world to do the same. He now wants to bring Cacao to the mainstream, allowing that healing love vibration of Lady Cacao to spread far and wide and for FULL POWER CACAO to become the medicine of the people.


One of Liam’s best qualities as a teacher is that he is relatable and down to earth. He uses endearing language, poetry, spoken word, comedy and descriptive prose to make ancient teachings and ideas open your being to new ways of experiencing.​


Liam focuses on empowering people to step into their own truth, to show the world the person they have always really been. He makes you accountable and gives you the confidence to take ownership of your uniqueness, letting nothing hold you back from all that is yours by divine right. He knows you are the person you have been waiting for and he will empower you to reveal this to yourself. 

One thing you will do around Liam is laugh (a lot)! His quirky nature will have you in stitches and his smile and laughter is infectious. 


The energy Liam creates at his events is electrifying. He provides a safe space for you to feel the confidence to shine your brightest light. He leaves people feeling alive, inspired with a drive and commitment to step into their own personal greatness.


Liam has never been scared of looking at his past scares and traumas which can be read about in his book ‘DEALER TO HEALER’. Through this introspection and healing he has valuable experience and depth to allow others to process negative parts of their own lives. Once these areas are found and healed we have the perfect foundation to start building the magical life we want. He is focused and unwavering when it comes to getting things done and his no nonsense approach which a first can seem extreme is so very, very inspiring. He has a natural ability to motivate and inspire people to know they are powerful beyond measure.


Like he says ‘why be half power when you can be FULL POWER!!

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