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​This ain't no trippy dippy, tie-dye wearing, indigenous menstrual blood smearing, yogurt weaving, softly spoken in a clam slow American accent Yoga. This isn't weird shit with people wearing white being overly polite!


This is hardcore Mancunian Yoga Ravin!!!!


It will blow your socks off, make your jaw drop, make you dance like never before, feel things you never thought possible, breathe in the energy of the room and wonder what the fuck is that. It will keep you talking about it for months. You will step out of the room ready to take on the world like the true warrior you are. You will start kicking arse in life becoming the greatest version of your self. This is euphoric, this is real shit, this is a Liam Browne Yoga Rave and you will never forget it. 

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Yoga Rave



Digital and in person



Yoga Rave is a fusion of rave culture and the divine medicine of yoga. Euphoria is found in both in very different ways and put together we have a cocktail made in Heaven. The natural high will permeate every cell of your body and leave you floating on a cloud. We will dance, we will sing and we will truly let go of all our inhibitions without the need of drink and drugs. 



We will open and activate your Chakras with a specifically design piece of music which work from your root all the way up to your crown waking the whole energetic system. In this state we will then dance like we were at our faviorite club and let go of any negative energy or emotion we are holding. With your state changed and your whole being glowing we we feel deep into our true essence and sing mantra together. Connecting to the divinity of creation.  


Come an practice digitally with Liam. With the YOGAA RAVE flow, a CHAKRA DANCE PARTY, some beautiful meditation and mantra and some lovely drumming, its a great way to be introduced to Liam's teaching methods. It's also a great foundation for when YOGA RAVE and Liam are coming to a town near you. The bundle works beautifully as a gift for a friend!!!



YOGA On The Park!!
I am a REBEL Yoga Teacher and if you are a REBEL to, come and join me for fresh and funky flows surrounded by nature every THURSDAY 6-7PM, HOUGH END FIELDS, MANCHESTER. We will laugh, we will dance we will, we will release, holding each other in space and creating a great supportive community!!

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