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Cacao Ceremony

A heart opening ceremony with an ancient plant medicine (cacao) to rediscover connection, healing and inner wisdom.

BOOK us to bring this amazing ceremony to your own private space. We will bring our very own bell tent that holds a capacity of 10 guests. 

We come together, we pray, we sing, we listen, we meditate, we share and we allow ourselves to be led by our open heart. We will then get up walk into nature and dance. Shifting the energy and setting you up for amazing transformation and inner wisdom.

The ceremony will allow you that space for introspection. The Cacao will open the heart and turn off the internal chatter of the mind. You will find that you can relax, easily connect to your dreams and true path and step into the light of who you really are.  


The Bell Tent is a magical space that transports you to another world and you won't believe the time has passed so quickly. This is because of the stillness of the mind and opening of the heart, you will wonder how you were so present and relaxed the whole time!

There will be guided meditation, relaxation, healing, beautiful music and divine mantras. Get ready to let go and let the true you shine forth. The timings of the ceremony will vary depending on the requirements.

we have different packages available. Please contact us directly to talk this through. 


different packages available 

To book please use contact page