He is a Self-Published Author, Yoga Teacher, Podcaster, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with a background in Building, Acting, and Music. You could say he is a polymath but we won’t because big words ain't sexy and one of Liam’s best qualities as a teacher is that he is relatable and down to earth. He offers antidotes from his own life to allow complex teachings and ideas to really hit home and embed into each individual. He can also craft traditional concepts with his working class perspective using endearing language, fun and comedy to make the messages that he speaks open your mind to new ways of thinking. One thing you will do around Liam is laugh! His quirky nature will have you in stitches and his smile and laughter is infectious.

Liam’s main focus is empowering people to step into their own power and show the world how amazing they are. One of the main areas in which he does this is Yoga Rave which is an experience never to be forgotten. He mixes the divine medicine of Yoga with the euphoric nature of Rave culture and the concoction is truly intoxicating, on another level.

Euphoria is found in both in very different ways and put together we have a cocktail made in Heaven. The natural high will permeate every cell of your body and leave you floating on a cloud. We will dance, we will sing and we will truly let go of all our inhibitions without the need of drink and drugs. The way Liam enables every person in the room to let loose and hand over any anxiety and self consciousness is a gift very few have. The energy Liam creates is electrifying. He provides a safe space for you to feel the confidence to 'let go and glow'. Banging dance tunes, fresh and funky flow. What else do you need? People leave on another planet feeling fully alive, inspired, filled with love and feel the transformative effects for weeks after.

Liam has never been scared off looking at his past scares and traumas which can be read about in his book ‘DEALER TO HEALER’. Through this introspection and healing he has valuable experience and depth to allow others to process negative parts of their own lives. Once these areas are found and healed we have the perfect foundation to start building the magical life you want. As a Life Transformer (Life Coach) you can sit down with Liam and discover your dreams and together plan a way to turn them into a reality. He is focused and unwavering when it comes to getting things done and his no nonsense approach which a first can seem extreme is so very, very inspiring. He has a natural ability to motivate people to be better in all areas. He brings out the best in people.