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A Modern Tale of A Fucked Up Male


When Liam visits a psychic, he is given a message from his dead grandmother to get his shit together and do the one thing he's been talking about doing for years. He instantly knows what it is. From that moment everything clicks into place and he is propelled towards the Amazon where his meeting with the shamanic medicine, Ayahuasca awaits. He soon realises that every fucked-up moment of his life has led to this and he is ready to heal the scars of his past. 

This book literally changed my life! I empathised and resonated with every emotion that Liam felt, and it made me realise that I had to make some big changes. 

- Heather Crozier

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Feel the good vibrations


Ask & You Shall Receive!


Adventurer Liam Browne is at it again. This time we join him on his wacky adventure Hitchhiking around England and Scotland. He has just returned home from traveling around the Americas and wants to see if the people in his homeland have the same kindness he received there. It’s a relentless tale of trust, belief, and positivity. Being at the mercy of the universe and allowing it to provide you with absolutely everything you need day after day. You will meet some more than colourful characters along the way and be able to implement Liam’s self-designed hitchhiking techniques into your own life. Will he make it back to Manchester unscathed?

Thumbs out I’m looking! 

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